Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome to my blog...FOR THE HORDE!


My name is Sigilbringer and you can read all about me and my new Metaquest on the right-hand side of this blog.

To quickly summarize, I am a Troll Shaman in the World of Warcraft.

I am not just any old Troll Shaman, though.

Only in the highest echilons of Shamanic Inner Circles, does the initiate come to know that there is more to Magick than meets the eye in the virtual realm.

Contrary to mainstream belief systems in WoW, there are actually two kinds of magick in the World of Warcraft:

1) Public Gameplay Magick.


2) Private Occultic Magick.

On the surface and as far as most Warcraft Warriors are concerned, I exclusively practice within the former paradigm of sorcery (as do about 99.9% of the other Shamans) and appear to be an initiate of the lowest order... As you can see from my profile picture, I only appear to be a level 3 Troll Shaman.

However, the Ars Virtua Guild are one of the few progressive ensembles who have gained some insight into my real practice and reason for existing inside the Demon Soul Realm - they know that I am using the willpower and obsessional energy of one realm (Demon Soul) in order to charge a customized entity in a parallel realm that lies beyond both the Medieval gamespace and the "real" space of the gameplayer him/herself! For the sake of convenience, I hereby dub the name of this astral realm, "Daemon Soul". It is in the limbo-realm between Demon/Daemon Soul that I will enact the most epic form of "Performance Art"!

So, if you wish to participate in some higher and truly arcane magickal evocation rituals, please contact someone in the Ars Virtua Guild on the Demon Soul server and the rest is...well...Magick!

I will have more blog postings for you that articulate my detailed sub-quests with the Guild.... Please look at the sigils on the top-right of this blog and concentrate on them for soon enough, the time of my entity's reign will soon come to dawn upon you all!


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