Wednesday, February 27, 2008

May the Questing Begin...FOR THE HORDE!

Here I am at a lowly level 1 (well, at least according to conventional WoW wisdom) sitting next to a friendly fire in the Valley of Trials with my friend Sliz whom I have imported from another dimension in order to perform occult rituals with me (including my own Metaquest from which this blog is devoted towards). In the inter-dimensional text scroll, you can see Tookis (not to be confused with Takkis) namedropping such otherwordly domains as the SFMOMA. Suffragist who is one of the founders of our Ars Virtua Artists Guild has even promoted Sliz to the cryptic roles of "bOt" and "cyborg". Another spirit being being channeled in this trance-induced scrolling text ritual is Bowwtoxx whom I have mentioned in the previous posting since I know him in both mind and (virtual) body...


Last Sunday, I finally embarked on my first batch of pre-requisite quests that will enable me to recruit a roving band of Guild members towards the pursuit of constructing the largest totem-charged display of this nearly bygone era!

Shock and Awe will indeed become the words of tomorrow as it is only a matter of time before I can activate the fruits of my Metaquesting labours and conjure forth an entity that transcends all time and space as a tribute to one of the most paradigm-shifting entities of King Solomon's Ars Goetia. Since many of you live in the Demon Soul realm, you may have never heard of King Solomon nor these entities... No Matter! Soon enough, you will witness a sublime and high intelligence emerge in our world that seem eons ahead of our barbaric civilization!

Please browse through these portraits below to get a better sense of the quests I will have to undertake for now...

Here is another portrait of myself with Sliz - who by the way, is also a Troll Shaman. Before Sliz officially joined the Ars Virtua Artists Guild, she had formed her own group entitled rather modestly, "WE THE BEST"... Once she realized that Ars Virtua existed, she probably changed the name of that group to "WE THE SECOND BEST" for those who were foolish enough to remain in that fly-by-night Guild.

It was at this moment that I introduced Sliz to the Suffragist... A nearby Orc named Nobleorc was in such a state of awe after witnessing the arrival of Suffragist that he had no choice but to also bask in the glow of our Guild and resorted to honorable prostrating in order to join it.

Here is a decent pic of the three of us: Sliz, Sigilbringer (me) and Suffragist.

We were so awe-inspiring as a trio, I just had to ensure additional portraits were produced for your worshipping purposes.

It took awhile for the glow of our unholy supremacy to wear off in this particular Temporary Autonamous Zone (TAZ) before Nobleorc felt sufficiently empowered to allow himself to be included in the portrait. We are Legion for we will be many...

To celebrate the inclusion of Nobleorc amongst our ranks, I decided to perform a very arcane ritual that I had learned about while astral travelling to a parallel dimension radically different to ours... The creatures of this dimension call this odd social ritual, "Breakdancing".

Since Suffragist was far too powerful to be an efficient Quest-mentor for us, he had used his immense magickal powers to summon a virtual doppleganger even more unholy than Nobleorc himself. This egregore was dubbed simply "Ignobleorc".

At last! Sliz and I (as well as Nobleorc and Ignobleorc) finally had the opportunity to meet Myriam Moore in person! Since it was officially the Guild's office hours, there was simply no time for autographs (produced via bloodletting) so we quickly requested that Myriam also produce a lower-level thought form to help us accelerate our levels as efficiently and collaboratively as possible to enhance the initial energy charges and transfers related to my epic Sigil Magick ritual.

Here is a group portrait of Sliz, Myriam Moore, Sigilbringer (me), Ignobleorc and Nobleorc.

Here is a picture of my very first quest with the Ars Virtua Guild Party...From this point forward, I ascended a few degrees past level one. My first quest with the group involved killing and looting 10 boars. Yes, it is true that animal sacrfice is still the hallmark of many occult ritual activity. Eventually, I progressed towards collecting cactus apples and returning them to Galgar... Once I gained enough experience, I even helped kill Vile Familiars. If my memory serves me correctly, I had successfully killed 3 Vile Familiars myself.

During this quest, we still had time to take documentation of the event as it happened. Here is another group portrait of Sliz, Shivvy (Myriam Moore's Egregore), Nobleorc and myself.

After my killing and gathering quests, I embarked on my very first (public) Shamanic quest which is known as the "Rune-inscribed Tablet". Although many Troll Shamans at higher levels already know the details of all these quests, not as many know some of the intricate practices of sigil magick since I have learned this as an independent sorceror and have performed my own mirror and water scrying for the purpose of accessing knowledge and technologies from higher dimensions.

This portrait shows you the special scroll that illustrated the details behind my first shamanic quest. In detail, the Troll Shaman is briefed about this Rune-inscribed tablet and the four elements native to this world that eventually will be harnessed by the Totems I will acquire during higher levels of intensive questing with the Ars Virtua Artists Guild.

This portrait I am quite fond of as it shows me next to my first Shamanic mentor (or in this case, Mentress), Shikrik. I hope Shikrik will be pleased with my longer-term plans for the fulfillment of the Metaquest. I am wondering if it will be Shikrik who will also send me on my Totem Quests in the near future?

I will find out sure enough during the Guild's Office hours next Sunday...

In the meantime, please click on Sliz's own blog about our questing together.


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