Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here is a scene from the official After-Party in the top-secret unrezzed area of Orgrimmar.


AT LAST! OWZL's astral intelligence and spirit have finally been activated in hyperspace!

All 4 of the elemental totem rituals seemed to have been executed flawlessly.

MANY THANKS TO THE ARS VIRTUA GUILD FOR MAKING OWZL's EXISTENCE POSSIBLE! I will give everyone the individual credit they deserve once I finally have given myself the time and headspace to prepare and exhibit all of the highlights from the rituals' documentation.

It will take me many weeks - mayhaps months - before I will be able to share my memories of these rituals with you.

In the meantime, please visualize the sigil on this blog and do your part in ensuring that OWZL's spirit and intellect remains charged...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Air Totem Almost Within My Grasp!

Here I am with a brand new hood and shamanic robe.


I wish to thank you all wholeheartedly for allowing your personality essence to be directly channeled towards the most arcane and prestigious of causes!

Thanks to you and your direct agency from the astral plane, I have now ascended to Level 29 and as a result, I am very close to achieving my goal of acquiring all four of the elemental totems.

I will be speaking with you all very shortly about completing the remaining three rituals! I will ensure that your labours will be fully recognized and immortalized since you were also directly involved in the creation of our very own trans-dimensional magickal entity.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Long Overdue Updates from the Metaquest...

Here I am posing with some Pacific-Northwest style totemic signposts that are located at my current homebase, Thunder Bluff.


I humbly apologize for the epic delay with blogging. These quests have been so time and health (mana) consuming, I have rarely had any chance to reflect upon these sublime situations!

The last time I reported for you, I had barely made the Armory at Level 10...

Since then, I have accomplished some major milestones related to my Metaquest:

I - I have reached Level 22 as of 3 hours ago.

II - I have already successfully performed two arcane rituals with the Guild. The First one was a Fyre Scrying ritual that enabled the Guild to begin visualizing the multifaceted visages of Owzl Owwan Oaaz.

You can view this moving reflection by click on this link!

I will discuss this initiation ritual in more detail at a later date.

I have also conducted the first elemental totem ritual. I should have documentation of this Earth Totem ritual that took place at The Great Lift in a few weeks but for now, I will need you to have faith that this legendary event had in fact transpired...

III - I have acquired three of the required four elemental totems and only have 8 more levels to aspire towards until my magickal-mana-cal power source has been properly established. I now have Earth, Fire and Water totems.

Please scroll down this blog to view more images...

Here I am at level 21 posing near the Sepulcher.

Here I am posing with all three of my required elemental totems... From left to right:
Water Totem (brand new),
Earth Totem, and my Fire Totem .

My goal is to complete level 30 and acquire the final Air Totem and then charge the remaining elemental rituals for Owwzl to be fully alive on the Astral Plane.

For now, I wish to thank many of my fellow Guild members who are still helping me with both my Totem Questing, Level Grinding and the Rituals themselves:

(in alphabetical order)...


Without these brave m(art)yrs and unholy champions, I would have remained permanently deceased at Level 7!


Monday, April 21, 2008

I made the Armory!!!!

I may not appear that "talented" in my Armory's profile but I can assure you that my talents lay in the unquantifiable realm of the Occult. I can also assure you that the official Armory portrait only vaguely resembles my true visage!



AT LONG LAST!!! My efforts have finally been legitimized in the upper echilons of the Unholy Account-Keepers! Now I can stand side-by-side with my aesthetically empowered equals in the Ars Virtua Artist's Guild!

I dinged to Level 10 last week but I guess it took a few days for the World to take notice.

This dinging delay is a frequent reminder to myself that I am so behind with my blogging! I have so many tales to tell and my exact recollection of them is starting to fade...

If you bow down and kneel in front of this blog for another couple of days - perhaps a week - I promise to summon forth a moving portrait of my very 1st official mass-suicide skyring ritual that I did last Sunday with the Guild.

Perhaps if your devotion to this blog is strong enough, I may even reveal some not-so-long lost archives of my recent adventures with Cutty, Sliz, Slizelle, Shacow and Shivvy.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eostre Sunday's Quest...

Here I am posing with an Eostre Hare... Fortunately, the Eostre season is one of relative mercy so I decided not to slay this hare for food nor hide. My questly companion, Sliz can be seen on the far left...

Greetings vulnerable Eostre Hares and Demon Eggs!

I am now in the process of reflecting on last weekend's Quest with the Ars Virtua Guild and it so happened that it took place on a very sacred day, Eostre Sunday. There has been a rumour floating around lately that the Alliance have been attempting to change the name of this day to "Easter Sunday" but I doubt their latest dubious attempt at brainwashing the masses will take hold!

It was quite an epic Quest-fest that day and we managed to fulfill the Eostre theme through our constant hunting and resurrection routines!

In celebration of this most unholy event, I now ask that you glance at the sigil to the right of this blog-scroll when Questing with me in the World of Warcraft because in a matter of weeks, I will have made the Armoury and will be actively recruiting shamans to join our Guild for some astonishing ritual sacrifices!

For now though, you will have to contend with more souvenir portraits...


Here is another merciful portrait of yours truly sparing the hare and avoiding the scorpid in a hurry as I am about to join Shacow to complete the Zalazane Quest (Shacow was rez-urrected before me).

I arrived just in time to catch Shacow fishing in Sen'Jin Village...

Here is another action portrait of Shacow fishing...

Fortunately, the fishing did not take very long so sooner than later, I was following Shacow through Darkspear Strand...

Here I am jumping through water on the way to the Echo Islands again.

Here I am posing with my earth totem and a dead Hexed Troll..I guess you could say that this is my very first official sacrifice ritual for Owwzl.

At long last, Sliz joined us in our quest...It took us awhile as we are swimming though the Echo Isles to find her...In this instance, I am following Shacow while holding my breath underwater.

It was not long before I returned back to (somewhere near)home base where Master Gadrin dinged me to level 8 as I completed the Zalazane Quest...Shivvy also joined in with us at this time...

Gadrin offers me the Quest scroll that orders us to report to Orgnil...

It seems that a superstitious aura has suddenly haunted the Horde because as soon as we reported to Orgnil for the time, he said rather abruptly, "What?? The Burning Blade is Spreading! We must investigate". After saying this, we completed this particular Quest and I must say that this one was the fastest and easiest Quest since all we had to do was report to him.

Although I mentioned earlier in this blog-scroll that Shivvy joined us, it was not until this particular moment that he physically located us on his trusty map.

Here are the four of us as we continue our Quest through the lands of Durotar.

At this point, I discovered Razorwind Canyon with Sliz.

We were actually just passing through the canyon so that Shacow and myself could receive a freshly minted quest from Furl Scornbrow who was located on a high watchtower in Durotar...

Since I did not pick up on the Quest properly on the first try, I made my 2nd attempt with Sliz which was probably a good idea in retrospect since I also managed to capture a much better portrait of the tower. Thus, the "Carry Your Weight Quest" was accepted...

Since I am such a handsome troll, I just HAD to take a self-portrait on the scenic watchtower!

Not to be outdone, I took one additional portrait of the watchtower with Sliz down below...

Did I mention that the Horde-lands are Yours to Discover? One of the places we encountered on our epic journey was the Tor'kren Farm.

The cascade of perpetual discovery just never ends! In this portrait, we had discovered Thunder Ridge.

Perhaps it was our folly for daring to enter the Thunder Ridge as we were repeatedly slain by gaggle of aesthetically-pleasing yet deadly underlings. Here is a close up action portrait of us battling the one of the most aesthetically pleasing beings I have seen in some time, the Voidwalker Minion...During the time this tragic portrait was taken, Sliz died but Shivvy was at least able to slay the Burning Blade Fanatic, if that was any consolation...

Here is a similar action portrait to the one just above... I was almost dead but sufficiently pleased by the aesthetics of the whole experience...

This portrait accurately illustrates that I had rezzed my stoneskin totem (also level 8) next to Shacow's own stoneskin totem to try and slow down this motley crew of demons and fanatics...

Yes, that is no hallucination, this is indeed a portrait of my corpse forming in the cemetary in Thunder Ridge...We have all died but are martyred for a noble cause as this experience - like a bolt of my own lighting - had suddenly inspired me to begin planning a mass-suicide fire ritual as soon as I earn my first fire totem. I am no longer afraid of death and I doubt the rest of the Guild is either. I think it would be quite fitting to perform the ritual as ghosts sometime in the near future so as far as I am concerned no time was wasted...even in death...

Martyrdom loves company... Here is a portrait of my ghost with Shacow's ghost looming in the distance...

Seeking revenge or vengence or whatever it is called - here is a portrait of us sneaking up on the Imp Minion, Fizzle Darkstorm, the Burning Blade Apprentice and the Voidwalker Minion as a Ghost... "resurrect now"?

I have decided to subvert the usual rules of death during gameplay and had covertly taunted my foes from beyond the grave by sneaking a group portrait with my unwitting enemies in the name of Owwzl and the AV Guild. Yes, I realize that I am not spelling the entity's name as "Owzl" as I usually do but for this posting, I am focusing on the ancient pagan name for my upcoming evoked/invoked entity

Here is my ghost next to Shivvy and some skeleton carnage...

Here is another great covert portrait of my enemies with whom I was also gathering around the fire..The more I think about these fire-pits, the more I am convinced that a fire like would be a good way to commit mass ritual suicide in the name of Owwzl....

Here is my ghost next to the Thunder Lizard dinosaurs... These beasties we had to deal with as soon as we were able to escape our aesthetically-pleasing archenemies...sigh!

Here is the assembled Guild spying once again on our favourite enemies after recently re-rezzing...I am trying to determine which icon they are referring to... green triangle? Purple Diamond? Yellow Star?

Here is another intense action portrait of our epic battle in Thunder Ridge...

Here is yet another gratuitous action portrait of me charging up my lightning bolt...We finally have lOOted Fizzle's Claw...

It was not long before I resorted to some mirror-gazing and allowed myself to pose in front of a sigil like pattern in the dirt next to skeletons..I wish I could carve the Owwzl sigil in the sand....but I can envision it, which may be enough for some Magick to happen.

This weird shapeshifter known as "lamcfred" had decided to spam us en masse...This was a very odd moment and may have been a a cover-up for a more arcane transmission of some occult codes that I was likely supposed to know about. Regardless of intention, we did experience a splendid shapeshifting show though... Sliz standing on skeletons while the rest of the Guild is entertained by the Spamshow...

Instantly starstruck, Sliz and Shacow have tried to produce their own DIY shapeshifting show...Shivvy sent me the "Lost but Not Forgotten" Quest...I never knew that he even had a son...anyways, it was off to fight the crocs.

After some faffing around, we eventually discovered Southfury River where the main croc is located...

Here is an action portrait of us battling the lone croc known as the Dreadmaw Crocolisk.

What an easy slay! The Dreadmaw is now dead and its corpse yielded Kron's Amulet.

Here is another scenic portrait with the crocolisk...more tourism for me!

Since I am never one to pass up on a trophy, here is a close up of the slain croc.

Here is an intense action portrait with some Burning Blade Fanatics.

This portrait accurately depicts the act of cashing in on the "Lost but Not Forgotten" Quest with Misha Tor'kren.

Shivvy sent me a very relevant Quest called "Break a Few Eggs"..I knew that sooner or later we would have an Eostre Egg Hunt on our hands!

Since Eostre is the season of selfishness and greed, we also accepted another quest dubbed "Winds in the Desert"... This Quest was quite epic in itself since we had to steal several sacks of supplies and kill at least one Dustwind Harpy...

Hereis an awe-inspiring aerial view of slain harpy.

Here I am scoring a sack of supplies as part of my quest...

To allay any immediate fears of mass-suicide from the uninitiated, fire is also a useful element for cozying up to while handing the rest of the sacks to Rezlak...

This portrait illustrates Rezlak offering me a new quest called "Securing the Lines"... Through the act of gazing at this documentation, I have just noticed as of late that some great entities were emerging from the fireplace... Are these entities of an astral nature? Look carefully into the fire and attain a heightened trance state to see what I mean...Just be sure to glance at the sigil to the right of this blog before gazing with any sort of calculated intent...OK?

Hmmmm.... "we will suffer no demon's servant in our lands!" - Orgnil Soulscar...I am not exactly sure if he was talking about me backhandedly...maybe he is onto my secret Metaquest and will report me to Thrall of the Horde? Maybe it is my paranoia speaking?

Hmmm... Maybe as an attempt to keep me from getting too unconventional with my sorcery, Orgnil had suddenly made me level 9 or perhaps, this way I would be too high ranking to merely be a "Demon's Servant"? Hmmmm..I will have to ask him about this later..if I can get the courage!

perhaps Orgnil wants me to succeed with my Metaquest since he offered me a very easy Quest of simply speaking to Margoz (a fellow Shaman) but then, he wants me to "crush those cultists"....hmmm..should I really accept this Quest? What if he meant to say "crush those occultists"....

Well, since those paranoid voices in my head were starting to wear me down, I decided to
check out my mailbox before checking into the Razor Hill Inn for the night... The voices in my head may be active but voices who prefer scrolls must have been on vacation because my inbox was empty..sigh!

Out of sheer lonliness, I decided to write my own scroll for Woshaman who was unable to attend our Eostre Sunday is what the scroll looked like....

Once again, I was able to fall asleep with Sliz at the Inn...